salestrainerplatform Online Academy - your digital Co-Trainer

Over 70% of companies are using or looking for high quality digital and blended sales training to save time and money. Independent sales trainers don’t the time or resources to produce digital training programs in the necessary top quality.

This is why we developed the salestrainerplatform Online Academy. When you join salestrainerplatform, you get access to our top-quality LAB Profile® for Sales streaming videos, teaching tools and learning materials to offer to your customers.
So you save all the time and money it took us to produce all this material for you!

When you belong to salestrainerplatform you get:

  • Your own co-branded Online Academy with top quality videos and learning tools – no need to do it yourself
  • Your own digital co-trainer (the platform)
  • All the resources you need to work with large corporations or small
  • Higher per diem rates and more income from streaming digital learning
  • Additional income for selling online courses – revenue without having to physically deliver training days

You escape the “Money for Time” hamster wheel.

And you can even design your own courses and deliver them using salestrainerplatform!


The Online Academy includes:

  • Top quality classroom videos
  • Demonstration videos showing real life situations
  • Downloadable learning material – you can co-brand them!
  • Learning card systems
  • Gamification Tools
  • Learning paths
  • Online tutoring, chat and discussion forum
  • Assessments and quizzes to manage your trainees’ progress
  • Sales certification paths

The Micro Training concept – easy to integrate into people's working schedules

All our courses are designed using the micro training concept. No module takes longer than 20 minutes.

This means:

  • Trainings can be integrated into normal working schedules.
  • Higher focus and concentration and thus much higher utilization rates.
  • Sales professionals stay on the job while training. No lost revenue for your customer.

Ready-to-go courses help you save time

How much time do you need to create new courses? One day, two days, three days? Or more? No need to do that any more. You can offer our ready-to-go courses. And they can easily be adjusted to your customers specific needs.

All our courses are based on the LAB Profile®. This makes you unique for your customers and your trainees.


We offer the following ready-to-go courses:

  • Advanced Communication Skills
  • Advanced Needs Analysis and Motivation Trigger Identification
  • Effective Presentations
  • Effective Language (how to apply Motivation Triggers in a sales call)
  • How to Convince Skeptical People
  • Negotiation Tactics for Sales Professionals