The LAB Profile® for Sales is the most advanced and effective tool for sales communication, worldwide.
Get better training results, differentiate, and more sales!

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How many sales trainers are there in your area? How do you differentiate?
Why should a potential customer book you and not one of these competitors?
If you don’t have the answer right away, it’s time to work on your positioning.

Why are there a handful of top trainers earning 7 figures? While most of the others are living with average daily rates? That get smaller when a customer wants more days.
The answer is pretty simple: the top trainers use a unique, powerful method that gets results. The others don’t.

Classic sales training methods mainly do one thing: Give customers the security that there is a method.

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Find out how to position yourself by using the most effective tool for sales communication worldwide.
Set the base for more success.
Get more bookings, charge higher rates, escape the “hamster wheel”,
access the larger companies, even if you are a solopreneur.

The LAB Profile® for sales gets results. And sets you apart from all the other sales trainers.

What is the LAB Profile® for sales?

The LAB Profile® helps you to use language patterns to identify underlying subconscious Motivation Triggers.
Trained sales professionals find out quickly how the customer thinks, gets motivated and makes decisions.
Then they can adjust their language to directly address these Motivation Triggers,
and boost their effectiveness with each customer ….. even multiple customers.

They get a higher closing rate and more satisfied customers.

Based on Shelle Rose Charvet’s bestseller “Words that Change Minds,”
the LAB Profile® has been implemented around the globe to increase customer understanding, speak their language, and increase sales.

Learn the LAB Profile® for Sales yourself. And then train your customers!

First of all you get to learn the method yourself. You can use it right away in your own sales calls with potential customers. And then, once you are a Certified LAB Profile® Sales Trainer, you provide your customers digital and hybrid LAB Profile® Sales trainings.

salestrainerplatform gives you top quality streaming videos, quizzes and lots of other learning tools for successfully delivering LAB Profile® for Sales trainings.

LAB Profile® for Sales training: What's in it?

Better understand the below-conscious parts of communication

  • Understand how  Motivation Triggers change by context, and influence human behavior
  • Predict customer behavior based on their language patterns
  • See for yourself how specific words and phrases impact customer behavior
  • Avoid and correct communication mistakes quickly

Find out what your customer really needs

The LAB Profile® questions help you quickly and easily find out which of the contextual Motivation Triggers are active in your customer.

You’ll find out crucial information, such as:

  • How to structure information so each of your customers can understand it best.
  • What are your customers’ true Decision Criteria?
  • What are their below-conscious goals and problems/
  • Is your customer likely to decide for themself or be more reliant on input from others?
  • Does your customer need guidelines and a process to follow? Or flexible alternatives and choices?
  • Does your customer want to maintain, improve or completely change their situation?

Maximize your Impact

  • Powerful words that push the customer’s Motivation Triggers
  • Templates for effective presentations
  • How to get your customers to quickly accept and implement your suggestions
  • Learn to apply the Bad News Formula if you cannot give a customer what they want
  • Turn even the biggest skeptics into happy customers
  • Optimize your communication strategy to increase results and customer satisfaction

Want to find out how you can offer LAB Profile® for Sales to your customers?

Connect with us on salestrainerplatform to find out how easy it is to become a Certified LAB Profile® Sales Trainer, and increase your revenue by using our platform for your digital and hybrid trainings.