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Shelle Rose Charvet is known for her work with the LAB Profile® and is the author of the bestseller Words That Change Minds, now available in 15 languages.

Andreas Plienegger is a leading international sales trainer, successfully working with the LAB Profile®, and as a result, no longer has to deal with pressure on price or the issue of how to differentiate his business.

Together they founded salestrainerplatform. Shelle and Andreas share the goal of helping independent sales trainers be even more successful.

The fastest, easiest, repeatable way to double your income as a sales trainer!

Studies show: a high number of independent sales trainers are caught in the “Hamster Wheel”,
where they only earn more money by doing more training days.

What were your goals and desires when you started your career as independent sales trainer?

Whether your income is above or below $100,000 USD,
our free report How to double your Income as a Sales Trainer” will show you how
you can increase your revenue by 50% in a year, and how you can double it in the long run.

3 steps to achieve your target revenue within 6 months

Step 1:
Your Positioning


Position yourself, differentiate what you do, by offering the unique LAB Profile® for Sales to help your customers dramatically increase their sales.

The LAB Profile® method works by identifying customers’ individual language patterns and their hidden subconscious Motivation Triggers™.

By adjusting their language to addressing these Motivation Triggers™ directly, sales professionals boost their effectiveness by 100%.

Step 2: 
Your Certification


Get your certification and become a recognized expert!

Multiply your personal market value by being a Certified LAB Profile® Sales Trainer.

Get your certification online, from home. It’s fast and efficient.

Step 3: 
Your Online Academy


The Online Academy is your digital co-trainer. It supports you in delivering your trainings.

You can combine classic onsite training with high-quality, high-demand online training sessions.

Offer hybrid learning with top-quality, ready to go training videos and learning tools.

Shelle Rose Charvet

LAB Profile® Trainer Andreas Plienegger
 Andreas Plienegger

Join us and use the LAB Profile® Sales Method to boost your success:
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“Words that Change Minds – Use the Right Words to Sell More “

Differentiate from the crowd of sales trainers who are still selling outdated sales techniques.
Boost your market value by with the method that uses linguistics and below-conscious  communication.

The LAB Profile® for Sales increases your revenue, NOT YOUR WORKLOAD!

Learn how unique, high-quality digital offerings will propel your business into the BIG LEAGUES.

Find out how in our free e-book “Words that Change Minds – Use the Right Words to Sell More”.


What’s in this book?

  • How you can quickly and easily identify your customers’ subconscious Motivation Triggers™
  • How you can effectively influence your customer´s behavior
  • How you can enrich your proven sales processes to make them even more effective

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