We will train you to become a Certified
LAB Profile® Sales Trainer

When you decide to join our system for sales trainers, you’ll get access to salestrainerplatform,
where you get high quality videos, manuals, handouts, and assessments to qualify for your LAB Profile® Sales Trainer certification.

Then you complete the training to become a Certified LAB Profile® Sales Trainer. Then salestrainerplatform will be your digital co-trainer helping you offer online and blended sales learning programs.
They come with videos, learning sheets, learning card systems, quizzes and gamification tools.
Combine your in-person courses with state-of-the-art digital online programs. Get the best possible training packages for your customers.

By offering hybrid trainings (blended learning) with ready to go training courses you escape the “money for time hamster wheel”. And you’ll finally have the resources to work with large corporations.

Certification contents at a glance:

  • LAB Profile® Basics
  • LAB Profile® for Sales applications
  • Using salestraininerplatform (technical training)

Your LAB Profile® Sales Trainer Certification Path

9 Online Modules + Online Certification Process

16 modules + separate assessment for every module

. . .


. . .

30-40 minutes One-to-One session (online)