What we do

We are a team of international communication and sales experts who specialize on marketing digital learning content for sales education.

We want to partner with sales trainers around the globe – with you! We then can help you provide top class digital and blended learning courses to your customers to increase the effectiveness of their sales teams.

We are:

  • Unique:

    You won´t find the content we deliver in any other sales courses. This enables you to clearly differentiate.

  • State-of-the-Art:

    We do not only use top modern technology to provide our content. It is also the content itself and the didactical methods used that make our materials top of the crop!

  • Responsive:

    When you need some special content or help – call us. We will do everything we can to help you out.

  • Practical:

    We can look back at decades of training and consulting ourselves and we still work with our clients. We know how your days look like and we know how you feel. And we know that the things we offer here really work!

Who we are:

Shelle Rose Charvet

Co-founder of salestrainerplatform, Shelle is known world-wide for her development of the LAB Profile® (Language & Behaviour Profile) applications for sales, marketing, high stakes negotiations, and leading people.

Shelle has certified over 500 LAB Profile® Consultant/Trainers in 30 countries and has trained thousands of sales people around the world in negotiating, influencing and persuading using the LAB Profile® and other advanced psychologies.

Shelle has been awarded the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional designation by the Global Speakers Federation.

Her books Words That Change Minds, and The Customer is Bothering Me are international bestsellers, translated into several languages.

shelly neu

Andreas Plienegger

Andreas Plienegger is co-founder of salestrainerplatform.

He is an expert in results-driven communication in sales and leadership. He is a 25-year sales and sales management veteran with a proven track record in international industry, IT and service organizations.

Andreas is a leading international sales trainer. After becoming certified in LAB Profile®, he transformed his sales training business to specialize in LAB Profile®. He has been successfully working with the LAB Profile® for many years, and as a result, no longer has to deal with pressure on price or the issue of how differentiate his business.

Andreas is a university lecturer, teaching sales and sales leadership at several well-established universities. He is a LAB Profile® Trainer & Master Consultant and LAB Profile® Group Coach.

LAB Profile® Trainer Andreas Plienegger

Regina Simon

Regina Simon is an expert in target and results-oriented sales communication and coaching. She has 20 years of sales experience in banking and real estate as well as extensive experience in adult education.

Regina also is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences, Wiener Neustadt, Austria, working for the Department of Business Consultancy.

Regina is a LAB Profile® Trainer & Master Consultant.

Her massive knowledge of how to set up effective teaching and training concepts for digital learning is instrumental to the company´s success.

LAB Profile® Trainer Regina Simon
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