The Success-System:
Escape the "Money for Time" hamster wheel.

Want to increase your revenue by 50% in 6 months and even double it in the long run?
Usually you’d have to dramatically increase your per diem rates, as well as the number of training days you deliver.

salestrainerplatform is a completely new system that helps you to significantly increase your revenue in short time without forcing you to deliver more training days.
So it gives you more time for your and your family.

Digital Learning is the Answer

For a long time companies and trainers thought that digital trainings wouldn’t work in a sales training context because the topic was “too interpersonal”.
As sales is a “face to face business” you could only do face to face trainings – this was the belief.

But times have changed.
Sales reps sell using the internet, social media, webinars, video conferencing, send video messages to their customers and so on. They are used to working with these new media.

And learning preferences have changed, too.
People want to learn when, where and how they want.
They want to maximize their individual learning success. But more than anything else, they don’t want to spend too much time stuck in classrooms instead of doing their job.

In 2016, 70% of companies said they want to set up digital training programs in sales (Training Magazine’s 2016 Training Industry Report). And this number is increasing, as digital training is more than a fad.
It is the future of effective learning.
So if trainers cannot offer a state-of-the-art digital and blended learning system, they will be in trouble very soon.

The time of digital and blended learning has come.
Digital learning offers you a wide range of benefits that make this innovative way of learning by far more effective than traditional classroom-only programs.

3 Steps to increase your revenue by 50% within 6 months

It’s our mission to help you enhance your business and boost your revenue.


Step 1:
Your new Positioning

You position and differentiate yourself by offering the LAB Profile® for Sales – the most effective advanced sales communication tool worldwide.
The LAB Profile® works by identifying individual language patterns, the keys to the underlying subconscious your customers’ Motivation Triggers.

By adjusting their language to address these Motivation Triggers directly, sales professionals boost their effectiveness.


Step 2:
Your Certification

Become a recognized, certified expert!
Multiply your personal market value by being a Certified LAB Profile® Sales Trainer.
Do the online certification process at home – short program, no hassle.


Step 3:
Your Online Academy

The Online Academy is your digital co-trainer.
It supports you in delivering your trainings. You can combine traditional onsite trainings with online training sessions,
or offer hybrid learning with top-quality ready to go training videos and learning tools.
You offer additional value with international certification programs for your learners.


Leverage salestrainerplatform to boost your success!

  • Being a member of salestrainerplatform means you can provide all the benefits of Blended Learning to your customers! Become a front-runner in digital learning in sales. No more worry about falling behind.
  • You get access to new customers, because you can easily roll out these training programs to small and even large international sales teams.
  • Offer this new content and learning technology to your existing customers to increase your income.
  • Acquire new customers and roll out your training programs to hundreds or even thousands of trainees within a few weeks or months. All on your own!
  • Stand out from the crowd! Deliver new, fresh, and effective training content and deliver it with leading edge learning technology.
  • Let salestrainerplatform work for you! Let it deliver the new and fresh trainings to your clients. Let it make your life easier.