The advantages for your customers - Business cases you can use

salestrainerplatform not only offers you considerable financial benefits as a trainer.
Your customers also benefit from a high level of added value.
You can present our two business cases as the most powerful arguments in your sales pitch.

The 3 most important advantages of your customers at a glance:

  • Lower employee logistics costs compared to pure classroom training
  • No lost sales during the classroom training days
  • Faster on-boarding of new sales reps and thus faster productivity and sales

2 Customers Business Cases

Why should your customers buy in to a blended learning concept? Let´s do the math for your customer:

  • Costs of the pure onsite training usually consist of trainer fees for 20 days and logistics costs for the participants (4 days for 60 people, realistically USD $100 USD per person/day)

Costs would be:

Onsite trainings (20 x $2,500) $50,000
Logistics costs (60 x 4 x $100): $24,000
Sum total:  $74,000 USD


Costs of the blended learning course consist of trainer fees for 10 days, online course fees and logistics costs for the participants (2 days for 60 people):

Costs would be:

Onsite training (10 x $2,500): $25,000
Online training (60 x $500): $30,000
Logistics costs (60 x 2 x $100): $12,000
Sum total:  $67,000 USD


So even for this small customer, costs alone show the advantage of the blended learning approach.

But even more important than costs, is the revenue perspective. Your customer’s sales reps stay on the road. They don’t lose two days of revenue. Let’s do a simple example of how this might work:

  • The annual target revenue per sales rep is $500,000 (that’s pretty low)
  • Every sales rep has 250 working days per year (that’s pretty high)

This means lost sales of $2,000  per day when people are not on the road making sales!

In our example, lost revenue for your customer would add up to $240,000! (60 sales reps x 2 days x $2,000 USD) if the customer insisted on pure onsite training.

And you help your customer not lose that revenue!

Training sales reps is one thing.
On-boarding new sales reps is something completely different and offers a spectacular business case for digital learning.

New sales people need time to learn the product, the market and the sales techniques.
So on-boarding times (time from the new hire’s entry date to the date where they achieve full sales productivity) range from 6 to 12 months on average.
And this is partly due to the logistical challenges in training people who are out on the road!

And now you can help your customers reduce on-boarding times by digitizing their sales education.
And the new sales people reach full productivity two, three or four months earlier.

We helped a customer cut on-boarding times from 9 months to 4 months.
With 30 on-boardings per year and an annual target revenue of $1,5 million per sales rep, this meant an additional annual revenue of more than $9 million USD! Believe me: the price negotiations were quick and easy.

Just let your customer do the math for their business and they will buy in immediately.

And by joining our platform, you can deliver this unbelievable value to your customers.